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Our goal is to share real stories about sailing and cruising. Our guests share a part of their story and help you to realise your dream of sailing away.

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Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing

Episode 54 of The Sailing Podcast is with Peter Heiberg who shares his stories about a life at sea in his book Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing Peter restored a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter and owned it for 35 years. After working as a commercial skipper for many years he entered the…

With Jean du Sud around the world and Cape Horn Windvane

Episode 53 of The Sailing Podcast is with Yves Gelinas talking about the re-release of his classic sailing movie ‘With Jean-du-Sud around the world’ in High Definition (HD). The movie won several awards when it was released and remains one of the best sailing movies of all time. Yves Gelinas is also well known in…

Sailing in the Mediterranean

Episode 52 of The Sailing Podcast is with Franz Amussen about Sailing in the Mediterranean. Franz decided to build a Bristol Channel Cutter after being inspired by Lin and Larry Pardey and their stories of adventure in Seraffyn. Franz built his Lyle Hess design in his backyard and, after spending some time in the San…

Lin and Larry Pardey

Episode 51 of The Sailing Podcast is with Lin Pardey who shares some advice on Cost Control while Cruising. Tory Salvia of The Sailing Channel suggested I contact Lin and Larry Pardey as a follow up to the “How to earn money while Cruising” episode with Paul and Sheryl Shard. Lin has presented some of…

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