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Sailing to Panama from California with Jacaranda

Sailing the Pacific Coast to Panama

Chuck and Linda of

Episode 41 of The Sailing Podcast is with Chuck Houlihan and Linda Edeiken from SV Jacaranda. Chuck has sailed Jacaranda since 1982 and our interview focuses on their recent travels from their home base in San Diego. Their trip included sailing to Panama after spending several years cruising around Mexico. While sailing to Panama they continued south along the Pacific coast of Central America visiting many countries on the way to Ecuador.

If you are considering sailing down the coast from California to Panama you will find a wealth of information at . Chuck and Linda have documented their travels and experiences with detailed Passage Notes. You will also find many helpful articles in the ‘Other Good Stuff’ section of the website; including the article on ‘The Houlihan Navy‘ from the January 2013 edition of Latitude 38.

In this episode we hear about:

  • How Chuck and Linda came to be sailing together
  • Sailing to the remote Revillagigedo Islands
  • Having the family join them for inland adventures
  • Using the single sideband nets for communication in remote areas
  • Swimming with Manta Rays

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for Sailing to Panama with Jacaranda Journey

Chuck and Linda have provided an excellent resource for anyone contemplating the trip sailing to Panama from California on the Jacaranda Journey website.

Be sure to check out the following parts:

  • Passage notes from 2005 to 2013
  • Linda’s provisioning tips (maybe a good topic for the podcast down the track)
  • Latitude 38 article on ‘The Houlihan Navy
Allied 39

Jacaranda, an Allied 39

Jacaranda – An Allied 39

One of the things that really impressed me is the Chuck has owned Jacaranda, an Allied 39′, since 1983. That is a 30 year relationship and clearly demonstrates what a great yacht the Allied 39 is. You can find a description of Jacaranda at their website with specifications and drawings there as well.

The Jacaranda tree is very common in the area where we live. It is a fantastic tree and the blossoms that come out in the spring are fantastic. What a wonderful name for a yacht too.

Chuck also mentioned the following resources for sailing to Panama from California:


On The Radar

This “On the Radar” segment will give me a chance to mention a couple of sailing sites or sailing blogs that you might like to check out.

Sailing news Sailing blogsMy first featured site is where Brittany and Scott, along with their baby Isla (eye-la) have been keeping a blog about sailing and travelling with a baby. This one was recommended by a couple of listeners – Mark in Cincinnati, Ohio and Raz in Denver, Colorado. I have checked out the Windtraveler website before and I hope that we can catch up with them for an interview down the track. If you get a chance to check out their website you will find them in a transitional phase at the moment with a couple of new additions to the family on the way.

Next recommendation is a blog called ‘This Rat Sailed’ at – who we mentioned in episode 40 with Ellen Jacobson when we were talking about freedom chips. This blog was also recommended by Raz and I have just started following This Rat Sailed, and it seems that they have just purchased a Leopard 38 catamaran and are really ready to get cruising soon. Just looking back through the posts I can see some great experiences shared about the boat purchase process and you might get a few good tips there and I am sure it will be worth watching them as their cruising life begins.

I really enjoyed sharing some other sailing blogs and if you have any suggestions on who should get a mention on The Sailing Podcast you can just email them to me at and I will add them to my growing list of great sailing blogs.

Behan, Jamie and the family

Behan, Jamie and their family

I also want to mention that one of our guests – Behan and Jamie from SV Totem – who were interviewed in Episode 32 have been nominated for the 2013 Yachtworld Heros Award for inspiring others to make the leap and embark on the cruising life. So congratulations to Behan and Jamie and you can catch up with their latest news at

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great 2013 and I hope you will be joining us in 2014 as we continue on our journey

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10 Steps to Becoming Full Time Cruisers

Raven 26

Raven 26

Episode 40 of The Sailing Podcast is with Ellen Jacobson who outlines for us the 10 Steps that she and Scott thought were important steps to becoming full time cruisers.

Ellen and Scott have just made the move from landlubber to cruisers and share some of the important steps it took. Ellen has followed up on this conversation with a blog post that outlines her thoughts and you can find that at

On The Radar – Do you have a favorite sailing blog or website to share? You can email me a message or record your message using the Speakpipe ‘Send Message’ bar on the side of the webpage. Just record directly from your computer or smartphone and the recording will get emailed to The Sailing Podcast and we can add it to the show.

During the interview with Ellen we hear about:

  • How Ellen and Scott came to be in New Zealand
  • Their first boat, a Raven 26 called Rainbows End
  • How to come up with a full time cruisers plan
  • How to work and play together

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for 10 Steps to Becoming Full Time Cruisers

The 10 steps for Full Time Cruisers that Ellen describes are:

  1. Get yourself some passion (and brainwash your partner)
  2. Learn how to sail – and keep learning
  3. Buy a boat – it doesn’t have to be your forever boat
  4. Figure out what your high-level plan is
  5. Share your plan with the family, your friends and your colleagues
  6. Figure out the money side of things
  7. Get rid of everything
  8. Prepare, and prepare some more – and then realise that you can never fully prepare
  9. Figure out how you are going to work and play together as a cruising couple and
  10. Just do it!

Ellen has put all this information into a great post on her website – 10 Steps To Becoming A Full-Time Cruiser – so be sure to check out the detailed post there as well as catch up on some of the other updates that have been published since the interview.

Ellen also emailed me some suggested posts that you may be interested in:

“Cruising Couples & Ways of Sailing – Our take on some of the things that are important for us to talk through in order to establish how we want to work and play together as a cruising couple on our boat. This is a key part of getting ready to cruise full-time for us.

“We talked about the Hauraki Gulf on the interview and what a great cruising ground it is. And I would absolutely agree! We’ve done a number of posts on sailing here – most are a bit eccentric but there is the occasional tidbit on history of the area, conservation volunteer opportunities, some of our favorite walks etc. If your readers are interested, they could check out this page where we’ve captured everything.

“We also talked about boat buying and boat reviews. And yes, it is incredibly overwhelming and I am often in information overload. I’ve been doing a lot of research to educate myself and write down what I’ve learned (because my memory isn’t what it used to be) and we’ve captured those various posts on this page. But be warned, I really don’t know what I’m talking about so take anything I say with a pinch of salt!”

The Sailing Podcast

 On the Radar

If you have a great sailing blog or website that you want to share let me know. The new ‘On The Radar’ segment will give the opportunity to share your favorite sailing blogs.

The Sailing PodcastYou can either:

  • Record a message on Speakpipe (see instructions below)
  • Record a message and send it through via email
  • Email the details to me and I will mention it on the podcast

I have set up a way to record your recommendations using ‘Speakpipe‘ which works straight from your browser or smartphone. Just click on that microphone that says ‘Send Voicemail” on the right hand side of the page and you can record your question. It will get emailed automatically to me as a sound file.

When you record your message you could let us know

  • your name
  • where you are
  • which site you think should be ‘on the radar’ and
  • if you have your own website or blog, you can go ahead and let us know what it is

I am planning to add this as a segment to the show so please go ahead and send in your suggestions


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Simple Question Movie

credit: Chris Rodriguez

credit: Chris Rodriguez

Episode 39 of The Sailing Podcast is with Teresa Carey and Ben Eriksen who are currently working on their own sailing movie – One Simple Question.

While the movie is still in the production stage, this interview gives us some insight into who Teresa and Ben are, how they got into sailing and about their sail training delivery services. You can find out more information in the show notes below and check out the movie trailer too.

During the interview we hear about:

  • How Teresa and Ben got into sailing
  • Their yachts and why they chose them
  • The Simple Question Movie
  • Their sail training and delivery services

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for The Simple Question Movie interview

There are so many places to find Teresa and Ben online – Facebook pages, a couple of YouTube channels as well as their great sailing blogs that have documented many of their journeys. The simplest way to check out what they have to offer is to visit Teresa’s website at:

or find them on facebook

There is an interesting conversation about how to communicate with each other on a boat during the interview and as you can tell, I could use some of this advice myself! In fact, it is just a part of life that we need to accept that our own personalities can benefit from some reflection on how we communicate to others. I hope that anyone who is looking to improve their on-board persona will take Teresa’s advice to heart and take the time to stop and consider what their partner has to say – it just might save you from making a big mistake. If you are looking to combine some sail training along with a delivery of your yacht, you should consider contacting Teresa and Ben via their website.

I hope that you will look forward to the upcoming movie – it is great to see young couples exploring the water and showing how it is possible to follow your dreams. It reminds me of the interview with Chris and Jessica, who have also taken the opportunity to explore the northern latitudes by yacht.

Here is the movie trailer for the One Simple Question Movie

I also wanted to share the TED talk that Teresa Carey presented as I mentioned it a couple of times in the interview. It is a great privilege to present a TED talk and Teresa talks on her blog about the effort that went into preparing a talk with a limited amount of time.

Teresa Carey – My American Dream

The One Simple Question movie captures how a young couple embark on a quest to find an iceberg. Sailing north in a small yacht with cramped living conditions, storms and sleepless nights, they find one of the biggest icebergs in the last 6 decades. The Petermann iceberg turns out to be of concern to climatologists and other scientists as another piece of evidence that our world is warming around us – to the detriment of the environment. Join Ben Eriksen and Teresa Carey as they share their experiences over the voyage and how to live a deliberate life and the pursuit of happiness.


Thank you for joining us on our journey

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