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Deerfoot Sailing Yachts

Harley Earl and his family

Harley Earl and his family

Episode 44 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Harley Earl who is currently in New Zealand and planning to return to the South Pacific Islands this southern cruising season. Harley let us know about Deerfoot sailing  yachts which are designed by the famous cruisers Steve and Linda Dashew.

With a background of teaching sailing through OCSC Sailing in San Francisco, Harley has set off with his family sailing across the Pacific Ocean and spoke to us from New Zealand. This cruising season they are heading north to the islands of the South Pacific including Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

In this episode we hear about:

  • Their first circumnavigation
  • The search for their Deerfoot yacht
  • Steve and Linda Dashew
  • Homeschooling while cruising
  • Sailing opportunities with Kailani Ocean Adventures

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for Deerfoot Sailing Yachts with Harley Earl

One of our listeners, Cameron, recommended that I catch up with Harley, as Cameron and Harley had worked together at the OCSC in San Francisco – which you can find at

Deerfoot Sailing Yachts

‘Kailani’ – a Deerfoot 63′

We also heard about how Harley uses the longer legs of his trips as training voyages and while he sails the boat there with crew, the family will fly from their base and meet the yacht once it is in the cruising grounds – sounds like an ideal arrangement. Harley is a qualified sailing instructor so he also gets the chance to teach on these trips and share his knowledge with the sailors that join him. You can catch up with Harley Earl either at:

We also spoke about the famous cruising couple Steve and Linda Dashew from who have produced some great books about sailing. The following links are to the Amazon website where you can purchase a copy:

Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia-II

Surviving the Storm: Coastal and Offshore Tactics

 On the Radar

Firstly I would like to mention Bumfuzzle. This was recommended to me by Ellen Jacobson who we talked to in Episode 40 about 10 steps to becoming full time cruisers. Ellen likes the Bumfuzzle site for the wonderful adventures they have had and the great pictures they have on the site.

Sailing news Sailing blogsThey have a combination of Sailing Trips – a circumnavigation and time spent cruising Mexico, as well as road trips in a Porche 356, a VW Combi and are now setting up a 1966 Dodge Travco RV for another adventure. I noticed that they also have a book about their sailing adventures called – Bumfuzzle available on Amazon both as a hard copy book or as a kindle download for just $2.99 – might be a good one to pop on your computer for a rainy day. Don’t forget that you can just download a Kindle app for your laptop, iPhone or iPad to enjoy the e-books whenever you like.

Bumfuzzle – Just Out Looking For Pirates (Kindle edition)
Bumfuzzle – Hard Copy edition

Well I think we can count the Dashew site at as one of the recommendations for the “on the Radar” segment this week – as I mentioned, it’s a huge sailing resource and I have also popped some Amazon links to their books on the Sailing Podcast if you would like to have a great sailing resource in hard copy. Their books are:

1 – Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia-II
I think I own the original version but it appears that they have version II up for sale on Amazon

2 – Surviving the Storm: Coastal and Offshore Tactics
Which is the one I think Harley recommended

3 – Mariner’s Weather Handbook
–Which I am sure covers the things you need to know before heading out. Again everything the Dashews write is from the perspective of cruising sailors.

If you do decide to use the links on my website and decide to buy a book or something else on Amazon, I do get a small commission which helps to support the show. It actually helps me out if you are looking to buy anything on Amazon, if you access the site through one of the Amazon links on the Sailing Podcast. I will set up a link that is so that if you are heading to Amazon you can help support the show at the same time.

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Sailing with Paul and Lesley from

Paul and Lesley

Episode 43 of The Sailing Podcast is with Paul Burgess and Lesley Roberts of Multihulls4us who were in Fort Lauderdale preparing for their next adventure. Their Francis 50′, Suliere, was built in South Africa and for a shakedown they sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, up to St Helena Island and on to Grenada.

While traveling they have been recording and putting together footage of their trip – some of which is available now on DVD and some of it which is going into a 13 part TV series of their sailing travels. You can find details of their DVDs both at the website and the website.

In this episode we hear about

  • Their transition from motor boat to sail boat
  • Learning to sail their St Francis 50′ Suliere
  • Why Paul started the forums
  • Where to find their DVDs
  • Their upcoming 13 part TV series
  • How to find The Sailing Podcast Forum and enter to win a free copy of Suliere – The Crossing

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for Sailing Suliere and

Paul has generously offered to give away 6 copies of their DVD called ‘Suliere, The Crossing’ which covers their first trip after picking up their yacht in South Africa and sailing it around the Cape of Good Hope and across to Grenada in the Caribbean.

Multihulls4us Suliere

Suliere, a St Francis 50

If you would like to enter into the draw for a free DVD you just need to head over to and inside The Sailing Podcast Forum – just answer the question for us – “How do you describe cruising?”

We all know the cliché that cruising is basically carrying out maintenance if foreign ports, but maybe you can share an experience of cruising or how you hope cruising will help you meet your future goals?

It’s now the end of February 2014 so we will give listeners until the end of March 2014 to post a comment and then we will have a draw with all the listeners who commented and pick 6 names at random for receiving the free DVD of Suliere, The Crossing.

So just head over to and answer the question “How do you describe cruising?”

If you would like to check out the sailing videos that Paul and Lesley have for sale just head to

The videos available are:

  • Suliere – The Crossing
  • Sailing The Leewards

You can also catch up with their blog at

On the Radar

I had a recommendation from Sarah via facebook that I check out which has the adventures of Will and Sarah from Vancouver’s North Shore.

Sailing news Sailing blogsThey have sailed their yacht, Hydroquest, across the Pacific and although it appears that the voyage has ended in Australia, there is a lot of information about the trip from Mexico to Australia and current information on sailing the South Pacific on their blog. Their website is and their yacht, a Beneteau 405 is currently up for sale in Australia. You will find links to that on their blog.

Next mention goes to SV Full Monty at whose updates I have been getting from my bloglovin feed. At the moment Wil and Jenny and the kids are in Tahiti so if you would like to follow along with a family having a great time out sailing you should check them out. You can either catch them at or add them to your favourite RSS catcher such as

Sailing Podcast News

At the moment I am busy scheduling some more interviews and also putting together an app through Libsyn for The Sailing Podcast which will be available in iTunes and as an app for Android phones as well.

Hopefully this will make it easier for listeners to stay up to date with the interviews and see when a new episode is available.

I look forward to hearing your comments on The Sailing Podcast Forum and I have recorded another couple of interviews:

  • with Harley Earl from Kailani Ocean Adventures
  • with Hanneke Boon and James Wharram

so keep an eye out for those upcoming episodes

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Sailing Alaska with Cruising Lealea and Chuck and Laura

Sailing the Vega 27'

Chuck and Laura

Episode 42 of The Sailing Podcast is with Chuck Rose and Laura Wong-Rose who are currently sailing Alaska in their Vega 27, Lealea. Chuck purchased Lealea in 1990 in Hawaii. Together, Chuck and Laura, began their travels in Hawaii and joined the growing number of Vega owners who have proven the sea-worthiness and utility of the Albin Vega 27.

Chuck and Laura have documented their travels in words, photos and video, running a great website at and an accompanying YouTube channel at Cruising Lealea on YouTube. We got to hear about how they sailed from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest and then on to Alaska where they are now.

In this episode we hear about:

  • Why the Albin Vega 27′ has continued to serve them well
  • Why they don’t need a 40′ yacht to be happy
  • Which cruising guides cover sailing Alaska
  • How to find them on YouTube for videos on sailing Alaska
  • Other famous Vega journeys such as Berserk in the Antarctic

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The Sailing Podcast

Show Notes for Sailing Alaska with Cruising Lealea

Cruising the world and enjoying the lifestyle – that’s the credo of the Cruising Lealea team. I found the stories behind their yacht gave me some Vega fever! I rushed out to read the story of Berserk in the Antarctic which I had not heard of before.

Here is the best ways to catch up with Chuck and Linda from Cruising Lealea:

Chuck also mentioned a couple of cruising guides for sailing Alaska:

The United States Coast Pilot which has Coast Pilot 8 and Coast Pilot 9 covering Alaskan waters

Charlies Charts – North to Alaska from the Charlies Charts website

Exploring Southeast Alaska by Don Douglass

We have heard a bit from other cruisers about Alaska on the podcast, firstly there was Mike Litzow in episode 7 who let us know about his story of sailing book ‘South from Alaska‘ with his wife and his baby and then we had the Australian adventurers Chris Bray and Jessica Taunton who had sailed the North West Passage and let us know about their trip in episode 29.

Swedish designed Vega

Albin Vega 27′

Chuck and Laura have also let us know some of the reasons why they have chosen to stick with the Albin Vega 27. We also heard about the Vega 27′ when talking with Matt Rutherford and John Neal.

There is another site managed by Chuck – the American Vega Association at and you can find many stories about the voyages of the Vega here. For a sturdy well priced yacht it would be hard to find better.


On the Radar

Today we had a message on the podcast from Kevin at He let us know about an interview I did for him on his website with a bit of information on the background of The Sailing Podcast.

Sailing news Sailing blogsThanks Kevin for recording that message for me and if listeners would to check out some of the background on the Sailing Podcast just head over to Sail Far Live Free and look under the ‘Sailing News’ section.

If you would like to record a message for the ‘On the Radar’ segment of the podcast, you can using the speakpipe links on the side of the website.

Don’t forget to let me know where you are from and the name of your website or blog so that I can share your message on the podcast.

If you would like to read about the trip of Berserk just check out the book or Kindle edition on Amazon:

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