Mike Sweeney of ‘Zero To Cruising’

Mike and RebeccaEpisode 25 of The Sailing Podcast is with Canadian Mike Sweeney who is sailing in the Caribbean with his wife Rebecca. During the interview we hear how they literally went from Zero sailing experience to now having spent over 2 and a half years living aboard their catamaran ‘ZerotoCruising’.

There are quite a few other interesting topics covered:

  • Mike talks about selling up and going sailing
  • The costs of cruising
  • We hear about Rebecca’s website, www.strengthplus.ca
  • Mike covers getting his Yachtmaster certification
  • and we have a look at the resources available on www.zerotocruising.com

The Sailing Podcast
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Show Notes

I noted on the Facebook page that my jealously factor was 10/10 after talking to Mike, who has successfully managed to sell up, buy a catamaran and head off sailing with his wife Rebecca – that’s why this weeks episode came with a disclaimer:

  • don’t blame me if after listening to Mike and visiting their website – www.zerotocruising.com – you march straight home, sell the house, buy a boat and head to the Caribbean. They look like they are having the best time down there – exploring islands, swimming in beautiful crystal clear waters and living the dream

Mike and Rebecca has been keeping a very active and popular blog running as they travelled from Kingston, Ontario down to the Caribbean. At last count, they have been traveling for over 900 days and their website has over 1400 posts. Another great example of a Home (or Catamaran) Media Producer. You can also find their content on:

  • You tube
    • They have a YouTube channel with about 87 videos and over 886,000 downloads
  • Amazon
    • Purchase their hiking book “Ready to Get Wet?” for Kindle
  • Strength Plus – www.strengthplus.ca
    • Rebecca’s fitness training website
  • The ZerotoCruising website

If you are looking for a great list of Sailing Resources you should visit the massive list of suggestions at the Zero to Cruising website

Thank you for joining us on our journey

By David Anderson

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